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Welcome to LeatherFix UK

Leatherfix UK are a leading Leather Repair Specialist dealing with Leather Furniture and Car Interior Leather.

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Leatherfix is based in the North West of England and covers Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and we also have a branch in London.

If you are outside of these areas we have associate technicians covering most areas of the UK. We are well placed to route your Repair requirements to the right person

We pride ourselves in supplying a "High Quality" On-site service on a "1st Visit" basis. Please feel free to read our up to date Client Testimonials before you request your quote.

 Fully Trained & Experienced in Leather Repair Techniques, we provide a cost effective service for Sofa Repair in the form of - Scuffing, Tears & Rips, Spills, Pet Damage, Cleaning and Re-colouring furniture to name just a few.

 The same applies to our Car Interior Leather Upholstery Repair service covering issues such as Seat Bolster wear, Re-colouring & Sealing, Worn panel replacement, Repairs to door cards, Cleaning and Restoration work to complete interiors.

So if it’s a Sofa Repair or a Skoda Repair! Contact - Leatherfix UK Ltd.

Leatherfix UK can also provide written reviews & estimates to the public for quotation and insurance purposes in most areas of the UK.

If your problem is Pet damage, Nail Varnish remover spills on your furniture, Damage to your leather couch from Sharp keys in pockets or any of the other mishaps that can (and often do) happen - LEATHERFIX UK LTD is here to help - call Les on 07962431951.


Need more information? Read the guides within this web site detailing, Why you should buy leather (or why not), the different types and how to look after it (see below). Peruse the before & after pictures of some of our work and should you need more information or advice please contact us at Leatherfix further.


Leather Care & Treatment

The real secret to getting the best out of the looks and life of your leather lounge suite and furniture is to take care of it in the proper manner. It will last much longer than a fabric upholstered suite if looked after and it takes relatively little time and effort. In fact its appearance of the furniture can actually be improved over time. A reasonably good quality leather suite should outlast a fabric one by maybe twice the life span.

Making note of the following will help:

If not conditioned in the right manner leather can revert to a cardboard like material over time. We see this regularly in very old vintage cars that have been garaged up for years and years without attention. A good conditioning cream need not be expensive - you could probably get 2 years care our of a modestly priced care kit (cleaning solution and conditioning cream) and do try to avoid positioning the furniture too close to room heating sources or anywhere that gets direct sunlight.

Try to wipe the surface down every month especially during the summer months to get rid of any build up of dust & grime that may have settled. Use a clean car sponge or clean soft cloth to wipe over with the, often diluted, cleaning solution followed by an application of conditioning cream applied sparingly. Always follow the instructions on the products used, always test the cleaning product in on an inconspicuous area to make sure it does not damage the surface and then vacuum or use a clean, white cloth to dust every two weeks or so.

Never rub vigorously as doing so may speed up the removal of the factory applied clear seal, whose purpose is to act as first line protection for the surface and its colour and is applied to most items of leather car interiors & domestic furniture during manufacture. This seal, even under normal conditions, actually wears through as you use your furniture/car and the process may be accelerated if a suite is of the two-toned variety where only a very thin flash of a darker top colour is used. This is especially so in high wear areas like seat cushions and arms, car seat bolsters etc. When the seal wears through you cannot see it! its clear after all but the fact is that without this the wear process continues to affect the now seal-less surface itself. Only when you notice surface wear do you realise there is a problem.

Having the leather resealed every 3 or 4 years (2 or 3 years for a car drivers seat) will not prevent this from happening completely but it will certainly delay it and it needn't be expensive to have done. This is a process that we at Leatherfix UK can carry out for you.

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